Rougette Katie H

The romantic soundrack to my life would be Anyone Else but You by The Moldy Peaches

My ultimate romantic hero would be Amelie



Rougette Hannah G

The romantic soundrack to my life would be – Everywhere, Fleetwood Mac

 My ultimate romantic hero would be Johnny Castle, Dirty Dancing

 (I am such an 80s child).









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FAQS – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rouge Romance?
Rouge Romance
is a primarily digital imprint dedicated to publishing all kind of romantic fiction in eBook form each month, delivering the very best in romantic fiction to eBook savvy readers in the UK and Commonwealth. Rouge Romance is part of Ebury Publishing/Random House UK.

Why ‘Rouge’?
We wanted something short, catchy and feminine-sounding without being too clichéd and girlie. Plus Rouge fits very well with the red-hot content of our books.

Is Rouge Romance digital only? I really want to read books in paperback format…
We like to say we’re digital first so watch this space…or more accurately this website for further announcements about our forthcoming romance titles coming in printed form.

Why is Ebury launching a digital first romance list?
We love romantic fiction at Ebury and we’ve wanted to publish in this area for some time now. We know that romance readers have been among the first to embrace new technology such as dedicated eBook readers, smart phones and tablets so it made sense to us to launch our Rouge titles as eBooks first.

How many titles per month will you release?
Our launch list is 8 titles released on the 29/9/11, with at least four titles a month to follow. (We’re looking to release more at certain times like Christmas and in time for the summer holidays.)

When is Rouge titles released?
titles will be released on the 14th of each month – so make a note in your diary to come back for more sexy, romantic reads.

Where will Rouge titles be sold?
Our Rouge e-books will be available at every e-tailer and from They’ll also be available in every eBook format – so whatever device you use – or intend to use in the future –  you’ll be able to buy, download and read our Rouge titles.

I like ‘steam punk or futuristic or western or cute woodland romances between squirrels’. Do you have any plans to publish in this area?
Currently we’re publishing books within the historical/regency/suspense/contemporary and paranormal genres but we’re certainly open to suggestions of other areas we should look at.

Drop us an email at or tweet/DM us @Rougeromance on Twitter, or write a message on our Facebook wall. (We’re not crazy about the squirrels though.)

I’ve read one of your titles in your launch list and discovered it’s part of a trilogy or series. When can I read the next book in the series?
Where possible all our series books or trilogies will be scheduled back to back, so look out next month for the next book in your favourite series.

I’d like to write for Rouge. Are you accepting unsolicited submissions?
We are open to submissions. Please note, however, that we’re only looking for full-length novels at this time, 90,000 words or more. Please see our guidelines for more details.